Web Site

My official website is http://www.kallmaker.com. Here's what you'll find there:

  • Homepage with the most recent news about my most recent release.
  • A page for each of my 25+ books that has:
    • Excerpts from the book
    • Links to podcasts if available
    • Links to YouTube readings from that book
    • Other information related to the book
    • Translations, if available, and links to locate them
    • Reviews
    • Most recent cover art and the jacket copy
    • Links to buy the book from Bella Books or direct to Kindle and Nook formats.
  • Facebook link, for short questions, topical and daily notes.
  • A complete bibliography of my titles and relevant cataloging information.
  • A complete list of short stories published in anthologies.
  • All books translated to foreign language editions, bibliographic information (translator, etc.), and lists for specifically in Spanish, French and German.
  • Contact information for both Karin the writer and Karin the editorial director at Bella Books.
  • Official bio and publicity photos.
  • How to order a signed book from me.